indigenous inclusion

The Turtle Clan Indigenous Inclusion practice is the heart of the work of our organization as we strive to bring reconciliation to life in Canada.  

Armed with decades of experience in corporate organizations, coupled with experience in corporate diversity & inclusion functions and a lived Indigenous experience, our Indigenous Inclusion consultants partner with you and your organization to share best practices in the space of Indigenous Inclusion and develop your organization's action plan. 

Indigenous Strategy Development

Our consultants work with your team to complete business system reviews, understand your goals, and develop a reconciliation action plan to make progress on your goals.

Strategy Implementation Support

In alignment with your Indigenous Inclusion strategy, our consultants and project managers support you in bringing your plans to life and achieving the goals of your strategy.

Indigenous Inclusion Training

Our three tiered training focuses on; the foundations of Indigenous Inclusion, training on specific needs for your business, and an immersive cultural competency experience.

Indigenous Inclusion Coaching

Our coaches work with your leaders and employees to support their personal reconciliation journeys and bring Indigenous Inclusion and reconciliation into their work.

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